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About Our Company


Our family has had its roots in Los Angeles since the 1930s. To us, working locally and embracing the glamorous legacy of old LA is key to the creative process at Cry Tough. We’re a family business whose objective is to put joy into everything we do - and get the details right. Feed artistic expression, always take great care.

Cry Tough is the culmination of strength through struggle. Nothing on this planet is free, nothing is given away, it all must be earned or paid for in some way. There is purpose to the pain you collect when trying to live life without censorship. There is beauty in the wrinkles you accumulate, and they all tell your story. Embracing the hurt can give you new strength to endure any new challenge. We all cry tough, and with your heart on your sleeve you will never fail. We hope you get as much joy wearing these unique creations as we do in making them.

Always designed and fabricated in Los Angeles